Monday, September 8, 2008

Coyotes' Viewpoint

When I become familiar with the sights on my walking route and there are no people to strike up a conversation with, I look up.

It is interesting to see what I pass by every day and don't notice because I am looking at life at street level.

It has come to my attention that Coyotes also have a fondness for gazing upwards.

Recently, while looking up I saw sky high gardens,

a romantic looking balcony,

a cool tin cat on a roof,

swanky wonky reflections,

and a coyote's breakfast - pigeons!


Centretowner said...

Ooh! Those look like Centretown places! Let's see if I can place them:

(1) There's a few buildings that look like that. There's one around Cartier/Cooper, and one on Elgin across from the Police Station, but I think that might be the one on Somerset at Bank?

(2) On Metcalfe across from the vacant lot on the block South of Place Bell

(3) I'll have to keep an eye out for that one... ;)

(4) The reflection looks like the BMO building, which makes me think that this is the building on Bank between Laurier and Slater

(5) I think the only house with that many pigeons is on Somerset at Lyon, nxt to the Beer Store.

How'd I do?

Woodsy said...

Centertowner, you are good! You got all of them right. Good luck with finding the cat (let me know if you want any hints).


Welcome to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ah - not only have I found some new perspectives of Ottawa, but also a new (to me) Ottawa blogger!

Anonymous said...

love the cat