Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yellow Lady Bug*

Groovy exterior above, and funky interior below

I love playing Punch Buggy, and I feel that there should be room for creativity and embellishment as you play the game.

Here are some spontaneous creative moves that have been dismissed by friends that I believe should count:
  • if you spot a Volkswagen bug on TV, you should be able to punch the person who is cuddling next to you,
  • if you have a picture of a Volkswagen bug on your camera, during a a long drive you should be able to look at the picture on your viewer, punch the driver and yell, "Punch Buggy, [colour], no punch back", over and over again until they clue in as to where you are seeing a Volkswagen bug,
  • if you see a groovy Volkswagen bug, as the one in the picture above, you should be able to punch twice (hard!), and
  • if you are walking around with someone who claims, "I don't play that game," you should still be able to punch them if you see a Volkswagen bug and declare, "Well, you are playing now."
I am hoping that Zoom and David Scrimshaw, will give me their support on this matter, since they appear to be well informed players. So far, I have not been able to convince my trusted friend that my rules are valid.

*En fran├žais c'est une Coccinelle (a lady bug).


David Scrimshaw said...


Bugs on TV: If you're willing to get punched yourself, it seems fair to me.

Bugs on your camera while you are a passenger in a car: Since the driver can't do the same thing, there's an element of unfairness here. Plus, are you multiply punching on the same bug? This variation could lead to ugly consequences.

Double punch for a groovy bug: I see arguments arising here, like people claiming a "Nerds on Site" bug is groovy.

"Well, you are playing now" - Exactly what I would say.

zoom said...

Hmm. From my own experience, I can say that Punch Buggy is a living, growing, changing game. For example, GC and I include bugs, smart cars, and woodies. We also have other things that rotate in and out of the game, such as yellow cars (bananarama), copper coloured cars (coppertop), RV's (Harvey), PT Cruisers (PT Bruiser) and so on. Currently we're including cop cars (pigpens), as a nod to the G20 fiasco.

In our rules, images (such as those on your camera) are not permitted. Bonus punches for groovy cars are not permitted, but we currently have an appeal at committee level to allow bonus punches for ORIGINAL bugs.

Also, regardless of the rules you play by, nobody ever has the right to opt out of the game, so feel free to pummel your friends who claim not to be playing.

I hope this helps.

Woodsy said...

Zoom and David, thanks for being so swell and responding with great comments to be considered.

Anonymous said...

The TV bug seems valid. The camera bug defnitely not. The groovy bug calls for something completely different -- groovy is all about peace and love, not assault & battery. Ergo, some sort of spontaneous make-out session should result from a groovy bug or even a groovy Westie. And to your final point, definitely no one is allowed not to play. I'd like to also add once again, that I think the game is a lot more exciting if you only use the original bugs and Westies. [Have a splendid July 15th]

Woodsy said...

XUPie, A spontaneous make out session for groovy Bugs? YES! I'm in.

As for playing only with original Bugs and Westies - there aren't enough out there, so how could I then play every day?

Also, I worry that in 40 years, there will be no more road worthy original Bugs. The game would then become extinct.

Anonymous said...

We used to play punch buggy for the "new VW" was okay for the kid but for we elders it had to be an "original VW" for us to call it.