Monday, August 2, 2010

Red and Black - The Colour of Romance

A girl and a boy are walking hand in hand ahead of me on Bank Street. They are damned cute even from the back.

I quickly pass them, whip myself around, smile at them, point to their shoes, and say, "That is so cute and romantic."

"Do you think so?" The girl inquires, "I was worried it might be dorky."

The boy just smiles shyly.

"Are you kidding? It's romantic as hell," I tell them.

They are a friggin' cute couple from the front too.

With their enthusiastic permission, I take a picture of their feet and continue on my way.



zoom said...

GC and I would do that too, but our feet aren't the same size. ;)

neeroc said...

Aww, that is super cute!

Anonymous said...

It's important that you and your romantic partner have the same-sized feet in order to maximize romantic opportunities. It would be best if you have the same haircuts as well. Your buttocks should also be at the same level when you're walking next to each other for optimal hands-in-back-pockets exchanges.

Woodsy said...

Zoom, I thought of you and GC when I saw them.

Neeroc, Indeed.

XUP, you should start an advice column. Really, you should.

Anonymous said...

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nursemyra said...

Young love *sigh*