Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Loving Welcome - Stranger to Stranger

A few mornings ago I was walking down James Street, and I noticed a man bending over a person sleeping on the the the walkway leading to the side entrance to the Church of St. Barnabas. I stopped, concerned that the sleeping person might need someone to defend his right to sleep there. I did not need to concern myself.

"Good morning sir. I am sorry to wake you up, but we have people coming to the service in a few minutes and they will need access to this door. You don't have to leave - if you could just move over to the side. You are most welcome to stay."

It is impossible for me to transcribe the gentle kindness and sincerity in the voice that spoke those words. It sent a shiver all through me.

I walked on.


skylark said...


Anonymous said...

You really do come across the most outstanding people.

Woodsy said...

I have been away dancing!

Skylark, Thanks!

XUP, ...and that is why I expect to come across you sometime.