Thursday, June 18, 2009


I came across this bird drawing a year ago on Papa's birthday

After my papa died, not long after, I had a dream about him.

I stood inside an ancient church at the very back. Everything was dark, and everything was cold.

I looked down at the stone floor, at the dust on the stone floor, and at my bare feet in the dust on the stone floor.

I looked up and ahead, and I saw light and I felt warmth emanating from the front of the church. And there stood mon beau Papa. He smiled, and his smile was beatific. He lifted and cupped his hands and motioned me to come forward and see the secret that he held in his cupped hands.

I cautiously moved towards him, and when I reached him, I finally also smiled. He did not speak, but gently nodded at his hands. I looked into his blue eyes and then down to his hands. Inside, within a soft warm glow he held a little bird.

The next day I called La Sorcière, ma maman, and told her about the dream.

She barely let me finish. "Your Papa always worried about you, and what he wanted more than anything was for you to find serenity... the little bird is serenity."


Anonymous said...

and have you found it?

Lynn said...

What a lovely post...and a lovely bird drawing.

Jen G said...

beautiful... does the little bird have a voice? what does she sing?

xup said...

Very Egyptian. I'm pretty sure you've finally found serenity, no?

LoLa said...

I like the name woodsy and the theme of your blog. This post was sweet. That picture of the bird is so intriguing...and to find it on your father's birthday!

Woodsy said...

Thank you all... Yes, I have found Serenity.

Jenn, the little bird is slowly finding her singing voice.

Lola, welcome to my blog - thank you for your compliments(I was given my name by someone I truly love.)

Hannah said...

Beautiful dream!:)