Monday, February 8, 2010

Friendly Trickster

I do a double take and re-read his sign.

At first I did what I am sure he expects most people to do. I read, Help fight homophobia.

"I love your sign," I tell him, and he uncovers his face for a better picture.

He has friendly trickster eyes, and his smile is engaging.

"Did you know that there is a $55 fine for panhandling?" He asks.

No, I didn't.

"Yup, there is. But, the cops were nice to me one night. They told me to go across the River to panhandle - they don't fine you there."

He pauses and then he laughs, "Ya, but they forgot to mention that they put you in jail."


Anonymous said...

That young man has such excellent hand-lettering skills. I can see a whole line of Hobo Handlettered merchandise..

Woodsy said...

XUP, I agree. I was impressed by that too, and I thought, Real Grouchy could hire him to put text on his brilliant product.

Jackson Couse said...

I passed him too, on my way home. His funny sign was a nice counterpoint to a crummy day.

It's also a serious reminder that the way we treat homelessness is totally whack.

Woodsy said...

Jackson, he cheered me up too.

nursemyra said...

I hope he made enough money for a bed that night

Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw that guy too, and my first thought was "his sign is totally bloggable." Too shy to go ahead and snap a picture, though!

Finola said...

I see him all the time - by the downtown library, am I right?

Shaheen said...

I have to admit, Yeph I did read Homophobia, then read your entry and then looked again.

Yes, he's kinda cute.