Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loving Welcome - Elder to Youngster

I was recently introduced to an elder. I have not known her for very long, but she is already someone I love dearly. She is fiery but sweetly honest about her feelings and her opinions. She invited me to visit her at her country home last week-end,

"Come and have a tour of my garden, and then I'll feed you supper."

The minute I walked in the door she ran to hug me, and dragged me across her entrance into the kitchen to show me something on her counter. "Look," she said enthusiastically, "look how pretty these Johnny Jump-ups look in the container you gave me at Christmas." (picture 1)

We sat down in the living room and started conversing, but before long she jumped up and again dragged me off to her kitchen.

"Here is a basket for you, here's one for me, now come along - we are going to go harvest some herbs and vegetables for you to bring home." She commanded. (picture 2)

All while chatting and walking, she picked herbs, peas, rhubarb, zucchinis, onions, hot peppers, and asparagus, and she encouraged me to pick along. We crushed herbs between our fingers and inhaled deeply, we nibbled on bits of this and that, and she pointed out flowers and trees. I was in heaven!

I am always in awe when someone I barely know makes me feel so loved and welcome into their home and heart.


Anonymous said...

When I was a young girl, I used to have a thing for old ladies. We moved around a lot, but wherever we were I'd find me a lonely old lady and would spend most of my free time with her. I learned all sorts of valuable old lady skills which I hope I can recall when I'm 70 or so.

Woodsy said...

Xup, You mean life lessons such as being kind to the younger generation and passing on valuable life lessons? Ya, that is what I hope too. It's funny, I used to daydream that I would meet a friendly elder when I was a kid...