Friday, August 8, 2008

Blue Skies - Hoots and Hellmouth - Part I

Megan Butcher
seems to love giant squids. And when I saw this fella and his squid shirt, I felt that both, the shirt and the cutie, would appeal to her.

His name is Rob, he looks a girl in the eyes when he speaks, he has a fabulous singing voice, plays the Mandolin (now that's a sexy instrument), and shakes hands firmly but with an extra gentle squeeze - Woodsy was smitten! He's part of my new favourite band, Hoots and Hellmouth.

"Hi, can I get a picture of your shirt for a friend of mine? She loves giant squids." I said to him after attending the workshop he participated in on the magic of the trio for songwriting.

"Sure," he responded with a gigantic smile, and without hesitation he posed for me. "But what about the teeth?" He asked... "What about the teeth?" he repeated.

Megan? What about the teeth?

1 comment:

Asteroidea Press said...

Hrm, I can't really see the squid teeth, so I'll reserve comment. This boy's teeth are very nice, though.

But indeed, I do like a cute boy in a squid shirt. Very thoughtful of you to take his picture, Woodsy!