Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blue Skies - Hoots and Hellmouth - Part II

I was so taken by the energy that these boys put out during the workshop that I knew I had to see them on the main stage that evening and dance to them.

I urged my little sister, Gerbil Queen, to join me. Ever the trusting soul she agreed to meet me later at the front of the main stage. Well, within seconds of their powerful music and clever lyrics starting we were dancing as hard as they were rocking us with their big sound! We even revived our talent at doing the bump to dance to This Hand is a Mighty Hand, a gospel song on amphetamines.

We were glowing and exhilarated after their encore, wishing they would play the whole night. Gerbil Queen turned to me, her gentle eyes sparkling with energy, and proclaimed, "Ils sont sauvages!".

The next day, I went looking for the fellas hoping to get them to autograph my CD of their wicked music. I saw three of the band members coming towards me, and I headed up to them with a big smile on my face.

"Hi guys," I said confidently, "I hear that you are friendly and happy to sign autographs".

"What? Who said that? Fuck off!"responded handsome Andrew "Hellmouth" Gray.

"Ya, get lost," chimed in Sean Hoots (whose gorgeous red curly hair I desperately resisted touching).

"Grrrr-grumble-fffff-mmm" added the sweet looking base player (whose name I don't know).

I got a little closer to Andrew, stood my ground and called him a bitch at which point we all burst out laughing and they proceeded to sign my CD.

I love these guys.

It seems that we Canadians find them very funny unlike their American countrymen.

Below are their autographs - remember how my little sister called them savages? I told them about that, and they seemed to like it. (picture 1)

Oh, can anyone decipher what the base player was saying to me with those musical notes? (picture 3)

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