Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Tip: X Hides the Spots

Pin-Up Girl and Flower Child run up to the bathroom to get ready to go out. They're both so pretty, I find it confusing that they say they will need an hour and a half to get ready.

The bathroom door is open and I hear happy chatter and girlie giggles - I enjoy listening to them.

Pin-Up Girl comes over to my desk where I am sitting and procrastinating at blogging,"Woodsy, do you have medical tape?"

"Yes, I do. But why do you need it?" I worry that maybe one of them has poked themselves in the eye with the mascara brush (as I might do).

"Oh," sighs Pin-Up Girl, "I can't wear a bra with my new dress, so I need the tape in case of a wardrobe malfunction."

I give her the tape and continue to efficiently put off writing.

Then, I realize that I don't understand what she is going to do with the tape. Tape her dress to her bosom?

"Hey, Pin-Up Girl, why the tape?" I yell out.

"Oh, you know," she purrs back innocently, "gotta make little x's".

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Darwin Salutes You

I watched as the fellow at the top of the ladder used a shovel to remove the metal siding from the house. He would pry, then pull, then awkwardly juggle the shovel and the large piece of loose siding, and then finally drop the siding below to the left of the ladder and almost on top of the fellow at the bottom of the ladder.

I cringed and wondered if I should say something Hey, guys, someone is going to get seriously hurt. But I knew I would have no influence, so I watched silently pondering what to do while I took pictures.

Then, to my relief, along came a city inspector in shining aviator glasses riding in a white car to rescue them from certain inclusion into the Darwin Awards.