Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Full Bloom

I met Michelle at the Folk Festival. Isn't she lovely? She is also as sweet and genuine as she is pretty. We chatted amicably for a few minutes as she explained her wares which she mostly makes from re-used materials. (mouse over Michelle's picture)

She had pins, barrettes, necklaces, fridge magnets and earrings made from scrap material, poker chips and/or buttons.

She also had jigsaw puzzle piece earrings made from one puzzle. The pieces had been divided up and were being sold around the world. Michelle hopes that it will make people feel "part of the big picture".

I was amused by one of her little boxes of magnetic poetry for creating naughty poems - she cut out all of the words from National Geographic magazines.

"Can you believe that I found the word boobies in National Geographic?" she chirped proudly and then quickly added, "You know that it is actually the name of a bird, right?"

My favourite item at her table were her button frames.

For many years I have held on to a tin of my grandmaman's black buttons which she collected from her discarded dresses, my grandpapa's worn out suits, and her eight children's outgrown clothes.

Michelle's black button frame has inspired me to make my own frame with my grandmaman's buttons. Inside the frame I will place a sweet picture of my grandmaman when she was a little girl.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Watcher

I was pleased when Fourth Dwarf dropped by my downtown tree-top abode today with plans to shop at the Ottawa Parkdale Market and then to stroll to the Cube Gallery to see the Futurists show.

I played my usual game of looking at a painting, then reading the title of the painting, and then looking back at the painting to see what influence reading the title might have had on my perception of the painting.

"You know Dwarfie," I said to my trusted friend, "I often find that I can look at a painting and like it, but then if I read the title I suddenly love it."

One painting in particular intrigued me (picture 1). The title made my heart jump and love the painting (picture 3).

"Hi Andrew," I said cautiously approaching the artist, Andrew King. "I am curious about the meaning of the title of this painting, Kanata Watch."

"Do you live in Kanata?" he asked flashing me a sweet inviting smile.

"Well, I lived in Kanata for years, and a month ago I sold everything and moved to downtown Ottawa. I relate to the little people in your painting. They've opened up their umbrellas and a benevolent wind is carrying them off to freedom. They are escaping... (picture 3). Well, that's just my interpretation according to my experience," I mumbled blushing.

I suddenly felt ridiculous and embarrassed remembering that some artists don't like people analyzing their work.

"Well, you understand the painting then," he admitted graciously and with sincerity.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grandchildren of Punk

I got a kick out of these guys.

I stopped to listen to the end of a song, and then I chatted with them for a bit. They were friendly, funny and engaging.

Tyler, the young man in the middle with the guitar, was particularly charming. I can't tell you if his singing was in tune or if he had perfect pitch, but I can say that he had a strong pleasant voice that gave me goose-bumps on my little nymph arms.

They were playing their music and singing in the middle of the chaos and destruction that is part of Bank Street these days.

"So, are you guys part of a band?" I asked.

"No, we're just playing for the fun of it," responded Tyler.

"You guys are like at the Blue Skies of Punk," I said not too cleverly in reference to their surroundings.

"Sure, country's cool too!" responded Tyler.

Maybe he thought I said Blue Grass.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mellow Folk at the Ottawa Folk Fesitval

I spent Sunday evening at the Folk Festival. Once again, I enjoyed finding people to speak to. Mostly though, because I was feeling sleepy, I watched to see what folks do to pass time while listening to great music. I saw people

sun tanning,

nursing their babies,

drinking coffee and reading,

sitting on their laurels,

and knitting.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blue Skies - “Only great minds can afford a simple style.”*

Pandora and I walked around Blue Skies spotting people with style. We had fun approaching people, complimenting them on their look, and then engaging in a conversation. Everyone was friendly and happy to share a moment and a few words with us. Mouse over the picture to read more!

Cocktail Party

Blue Skies Friends

Happy Reunion

Dancing Soul Mates

Always Fantasize

Line Dancing While Waiting for Corn on the Cob

We are Corny Boys (is that what they said?)

Muddy Bliss

Corn Angel

Harmonica Fella

Tollar Family

X-tra Sweet & Tender

Ain't That the Truth

LiPS - Live Poets Society

Sparkling Love

Romantic Guy

Just Met

Super Family

Bob & The Happy Hippie

Pandora and Woodsy Skins

* Stendhal - One of the most original and complex French writers of the 19th century, 1783-1842.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loving Welcome - Elder to Youngster

I was recently introduced to an elder. I have not known her for very long, but she is already someone I love dearly. She is fiery but sweetly honest about her feelings and her opinions. She invited me to visit her at her country home last week-end,

"Come and have a tour of my garden, and then I'll feed you supper."

The minute I walked in the door she ran to hug me, and dragged me across her entrance into the kitchen to show me something on her counter. "Look," she said enthusiastically, "look how pretty these Johnny Jump-ups look in the container you gave me at Christmas." (picture 1)

We sat down in the living room and started conversing, but before long she jumped up and again dragged me off to her kitchen.

"Here is a basket for you, here's one for me, now come along - we are going to go harvest some herbs and vegetables for you to bring home." She commanded. (picture 2)

All while chatting and walking, she picked herbs, peas, rhubarb, zucchinis, onions, hot peppers, and asparagus, and she encouraged me to pick along. We crushed herbs between our fingers and inhaled deeply, we nibbled on bits of this and that, and she pointed out flowers and trees. I was in heaven!

I am always in awe when someone I barely know makes me feel so loved and welcome into their home and heart.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blue Skies - Hoots and Hellmouth - Part II

I was so taken by the energy that these boys put out during the workshop that I knew I had to see them on the main stage that evening and dance to them.

I urged my little sister, Gerbil Queen, to join me. Ever the trusting soul she agreed to meet me later at the front of the main stage. Well, within seconds of their powerful music and clever lyrics starting we were dancing as hard as they were rocking us with their big sound! We even revived our talent at doing the bump to dance to This Hand is a Mighty Hand, a gospel song on amphetamines.

We were glowing and exhilarated after their encore, wishing they would play the whole night. Gerbil Queen turned to me, her gentle eyes sparkling with energy, and proclaimed, "Ils sont sauvages!".

The next day, I went looking for the fellas hoping to get them to autograph my CD of their wicked music. I saw three of the band members coming towards me, and I headed up to them with a big smile on my face.

"Hi guys," I said confidently, "I hear that you are friendly and happy to sign autographs".

"What? Who said that? Fuck off!"responded handsome Andrew "Hellmouth" Gray.

"Ya, get lost," chimed in Sean Hoots (whose gorgeous red curly hair I desperately resisted touching).

"Grrrr-grumble-fffff-mmm" added the sweet looking base player (whose name I don't know).

I got a little closer to Andrew, stood my ground and called him a bitch at which point we all burst out laughing and they proceeded to sign my CD.

I love these guys.

It seems that we Canadians find them very funny unlike their American countrymen.

Below are their autographs - remember how my little sister called them savages? I told them about that, and they seemed to like it. (picture 1)

Oh, can anyone decipher what the base player was saying to me with those musical notes? (picture 3)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blue Skies - Hoots and Hellmouth - Part I

Megan Butcher
seems to love giant squids. And when I saw this fella and his squid shirt, I felt that both, the shirt and the cutie, would appeal to her.

His name is Rob, he looks a girl in the eyes when he speaks, he has a fabulous singing voice, plays the Mandolin (now that's a sexy instrument), and shakes hands firmly but with an extra gentle squeeze - Woodsy was smitten! He's part of my new favourite band, Hoots and Hellmouth.

"Hi, can I get a picture of your shirt for a friend of mine? She loves giant squids." I said to him after attending the workshop he participated in on the magic of the trio for songwriting.

"Sure," he responded with a gigantic smile, and without hesitation he posed for me. "But what about the teeth?" He asked... "What about the teeth?" he repeated.

Megan? What about the teeth?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blue Skies - The Tao of Toes

I have just spent the last four days at Blue Skies Music Festival - it is the hippest hippie festival imaginable!

Shortly after my arrival, Pandora was suddenly and mysteriously at my side.

"Pandora! What are you doing here?" I asked nervously but excitedly.

"Lovely Woodsy, as you know, I have mastered the dark art of astral projection, which has allowed me to visit Blue Skies this year perfectly coiffed, wearing my most beautiful high-heels despite the mud."

As she leaned over to greet me with a bise, she added, "The only unfortunate aspect of transcending the physical is the way it limits me to air kisses rather than the real thing!"

Pandora's kisses in real life are soft and warm and leave a little tingle of pleasure fluttering on your cheek indefinetly - air kisses simply don't match up. But, even in her ethereal astral state, Pandora is such a delight!

She then asked, "How would you like to interview Blue Skies-ers for the style edition of your blog?"

"That would be fun! Let's do it,"I responded happily.

Today I will report on the toe fashions...

(Give the toes in the pictures a little tickle by hovering over them, and they will provide you with comments!