Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blue Skies - “Only great minds can afford a simple style.”*

Pandora and I walked around Blue Skies spotting people with style. We had fun approaching people, complimenting them on their look, and then engaging in a conversation. Everyone was friendly and happy to share a moment and a few words with us. Mouse over the picture to read more!

Cocktail Party

Blue Skies Friends

Happy Reunion

Dancing Soul Mates

Always Fantasize

Line Dancing While Waiting for Corn on the Cob

We are Corny Boys (is that what they said?)

Muddy Bliss

Corn Angel

Harmonica Fella

Tollar Family

X-tra Sweet & Tender

Ain't That the Truth

LiPS - Live Poets Society

Sparkling Love

Romantic Guy

Just Met

Super Family

Bob & The Happy Hippie

Pandora and Woodsy Skins

* Stendhal - One of the most original and complex French writers of the 19th century, 1783-1842.


Stella said...

Whoah... I know half those people... And my sister is in one of those shots!

Woodsy said...

It's a small world... After all!

Harmony said...

I knew I'd see a shot of the *MUD* people sooner-or-later...thanks Woodsy. Although I was very busy reading Cosmo, I did like seeing them sliding down that hill.