Monday, August 25, 2008

The Watcher

I was pleased when Fourth Dwarf dropped by my downtown tree-top abode today with plans to shop at the Ottawa Parkdale Market and then to stroll to the Cube Gallery to see the Futurists show.

I played my usual game of looking at a painting, then reading the title of the painting, and then looking back at the painting to see what influence reading the title might have had on my perception of the painting.

"You know Dwarfie," I said to my trusted friend, "I often find that I can look at a painting and like it, but then if I read the title I suddenly love it."

One painting in particular intrigued me (picture 1). The title made my heart jump and love the painting (picture 3).

"Hi Andrew," I said cautiously approaching the artist, Andrew King. "I am curious about the meaning of the title of this painting, Kanata Watch."

"Do you live in Kanata?" he asked flashing me a sweet inviting smile.

"Well, I lived in Kanata for years, and a month ago I sold everything and moved to downtown Ottawa. I relate to the little people in your painting. They've opened up their umbrellas and a benevolent wind is carrying them off to freedom. They are escaping... (picture 3). Well, that's just my interpretation according to my experience," I mumbled blushing.

I suddenly felt ridiculous and embarrassed remembering that some artists don't like people analyzing their work.

"Well, you understand the painting then," he admitted graciously and with sincerity.


Anonymous said...

I love Andrew King's art, and his sense of humour too.

So glad you escaped Woodsy.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Andrew King, too. As soon as we are mortgage-free, I'm getting one!

We'll be trapped in Kanata forever and ever, so maybe I should get this one just for the daydreams :).

Woodsy said...

Oh, I hope that you can get the painting one day soon... It was a good place to raise kids, but just not conducive to the kind of socializing that I enjoy - all the best to you, Lynn!

Anonymous said...

of course you understood the painting perfectly. art is meant to be interpreted by the viewer :-)

Woodsy said...

Nursemyra, I agree - thanks!