Monday, December 6, 2010

Warm Posts, Warm Heart

I must not be the only one that feels sad for the little stumps left behind after the meters are given the Cool Hand Luke treatment, while waiting to be transformed into bicycle racks*.

As I strolled down Booth Street, my heart was warmed to see a family of mittens adorning the posts. There was Papa Mitten,

Mama Mitten,

Big Sister Mitten,

And, of course, Baby Mitten...

*Below is what the meters are being transformed into - bicycle racks. They even come with instructions inscribed on them, Lock Bicycle to Post. And, In case you are lost and do not know where you are, it also reads, City of Ottawa.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Street Woolies

Oh, I hope that I too get an invitation from Lily at Knithacker to post my photos of street woolies (as I like to call them).

See Lili, I captured on photo all these beautiful knittings just before they were removed. I don't understand why anyone would take them down, but it seems that they are gone within twenty four hours.

There are indecisive woolies,

no parking on either side sign enhancing woolies,

corset woolies (in honour of Nursemyra),

retro mod woolies,

and fuzzy wuzzy googly eyed woolies.