Sunday, March 27, 2011


I love marbles.

And so, Keir MacDonald, up and coming brilliant young artist, has touched my heart with the photo below and also with the blurb that accompanies it.

Through the lens of a camera; the world around it is compressed into a tiny space. The same phenomenon is taking place in this photograph of a falling marble. I noticed images visible in hanging water droplets, and was fascinated by how much of the world around them appeared to be contained in such a tiny space. This optical occurrence evoked feelings of entrapment and crowding. An entire world, and community existing in a small space. A self contained entity filled with people and their emotions, problems, joys, successes and failures. This kind of an environment is how I have always seen school. A large amount of lives in a tiny space, mostly accepting it as the entirety of their reality. This is an image of a student in front of her high school. The marble, which is falling through frame in the foreground, reveals it as her enclosed world.

Please help get his photo into the National Art Gallery by voting for him - follow this link and click Like next to his photo (you have to be signed in to Facebook).

If you have a blog, I encourage you to ask your followers to vote (pretty please) as the lovely Zoom did on Facebook, and the wonderful David Scrimshaw has done on his blog.

But hurry, the contest closes this Thursday, March 31st.