Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, Shiny!*

Oh, shiny!, I gasped in silent admiration as I noticed the guilding** on the Arch.

I had not intended to blog about the Arch. Coyote , Robin and this blog are covering that event.

But, then I came around to the other side, and caught the eye of one of the artists - he leaned over and viewed me through an opening below the green mesh.

As he stared and took a puff of his fag, I smiled and motioned, Can I take your picture?

He motioned back, Yes.

I wanted to gesticulate, Can I please come up and get a closer look at the beautiful work that you are doing? But, instead, I yelled, Beautiful!

One last smile was exchanged, my camera clicked and captured a moment, and off I went towards home where Chinese greens and pork dumplings with a special dipping sauce were being lovingly prepared for me.

*Dedicated to the Word Wizard
**I spell it with a "u" Wikipedia spells it without a "u". I did not feel like finding out why.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Red and Black - The Colour of Romance

A girl and a boy are walking hand in hand ahead of me on Bank Street. They are damned cute even from the back.

I quickly pass them, whip myself around, smile at them, point to their shoes, and say, "That is so cute and romantic."

"Do you think so?" The girl inquires, "I was worried it might be dorky."

The boy just smiles shyly.

"Are you kidding? It's romantic as hell," I tell them.

They are a friggin' cute couple from the front too.

With their enthusiastic permission, I take a picture of their feet and continue on my way.