Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love is a Mystery

I used to work with the editor, Richard Garlick, who is an inspiration to me.

I read all the texts that he edited hoping to learn to become a better writer.

Even when he was busy and working on deadlines, he had time to answer my questions, whether work or life related. He loved to share a story or a laugh with anyone who came into his office.

I could hear him from my office, talking with others, and I would listen in. He is a marvelous raconteur. His laugh is musical, and his eyes are kind and encouraging.

He edited one of my texts once, and changed very little in it, and it gave me the courage to consider writing stories.

I don't work with him anymore, but thanks to Facebook I keep in touch.

Did I mention that he is also a wonderful singer and musician?

Here, take a moment to listen to him and his friend sing a tribute they wrote to Buddy Holly: