Monday, September 1, 2008

Duty Calls

So, what do you call a congregation of bicycle policemen other then the obvious, "sexy"?


Harmony said...

A COPse?

Woodsy said...

I read that as rhyming with posse ... I like it Harmony!

Kerry said...

Here its our local R.C. MOUNTED police officer on his bike. He's so cute, and earnest, and freshly scrubbed :-)

The BEST ever (for sexy beasts) was in Toronto in the early 90's. My local Tim Hortons was where the local cops went WITH THEIR HORSES. I loved seeing them all lined up outside.

Woodsy said...

Oh, Mud Mama, I am so jealous of your TO experience - a whole line of Mounties lined up outside a Tim Horton!

I hope you flirt with your local Mountie... After all, is there anything cuter then an earnestly blushing freshly scrubbed Mountie on a bike?