Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chic Geek

J., from Please Pick-up Your Socks, identified the hat worn by the snow bunny as a Pook Toque. She suggested that I go to YouTube to learn more about it.

I found the video below, which is worth watching for the adorably smart and funny comments by Siân about how to wear the toque. She makes a geeky hat sound cool6.

Pook Toque - by Siân


aandjblog said...

yeah! I'm so glad that you found it. Pretty cute eh? :)

olivia said...

LOL ... that was cute.

(Found your b via XUP.)

Woodsy said...

J. Very cute! Thanks!

Olivia, glad you found me. Glad I found you - you take great pictures! I've added you to my blogroll...