Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am sitting on the bus next to a lanky youth. His head is covered in soft looking golden blond curls, and he has Angelina Jolie lips. His ethereal sweetness must certainly attract the attention of both, girls and boys.

I hear humming. Could it be my young bus mate? I hear more humming. It sounds angelic. Do I ask him about it? Before I can decide, he points to the outside and calmly says, "Well, it is about time!"

"What?" I say eager to engage in a conversation. "I didn't see what you were pointing at."

"That stretch of road - they have finally paved it."

"Oh, I see - that's great." I say humouring him. I continue by asking, "Were you humming just now?"

"I am sorry. I was. Sometimes I don't even realize it. I am so, sorry." He says, sighing lightly.

His voice is mesmerizing as his velvety lips pronounce every word, every syllable, and every sound clearly and precisely with a gentleness that is enchanting to the ear.

"No, no. It was lovely," I reassure him. "Are you in a band?" I inquire further.

"No, I am studying opera in Toronto," he tells me proudly. "I also volunteer with an opera company...
I hope to perform in an Opera next year... I love singing! Sometimes, I am certain that I am singing in my head, and then I realize that people are looking at me, and then I realize that I am singing out loud... Oh, I really hope my singing was not bothering you..."

In the second that he takes to catch his breath, I chime in, "Your singing was not bothersome at all - it was heavenly. I love opera. I also enjoy connecting with people..."

"Oh, that is wonderful!" he interjects. "People should be more free to do and say what makes them happy, and to be more open with each other..." I listen enraptured by his musical voice as he continues.


Anonymous said...

I am stunned at the amazing types of people you always seem to meet. You must have a very dazzling aura or something that draws them to you.

4th Dwarf said...

You've got that right, Xup, she's got something dazzling, but I don't think they're calling it an aura.