Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zippy Retort

I wanted to trim the grass with the weed whacker, but I couldn't find the outdoor extension cord. So, I ran into the house and grabbed one of the indoor extension cords. They are all the same, right?

"Ha, there we go," I muttered feeling ingenious as I plugged in the cord.

Before I could fully force the male connector into the female, I shot two feet back as the outlet let out a freaky spark enhanced,


Can anyone tell me what the hell that electrical outlet was trying to tell me?


coyote said...

I believe that was Outletian for "Keep your prongs to yourself!!"

XUP said...

Your electrifying self just had a little clash with nasty artificial electricity. But really, you have a short somewhere -- bad extension cord probably. They're really not all the same.

Woodsy said...

Coyote, XUP... I'm not touching that thing again... not even with a rubber 10 foot pole!