Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shifting Etiquette

The Erratic Genius and I are in a line-up waiting for our turn to order gelato.

Ahead of us is a dad and his two little girls. They are excited about the gelato flavours and are discussing the choices. Before they can decide on a flavour, the dad's cell phone rings and he answers it.

"Hello! Yes... How are you?" He responds into his phone. His girls become silent as he continues his conversation.

The Erratic Genius and I are chatting, joking and laughing together. A happy mother and son moment as we wait for our turn to order.

Suddenly, Cell Phone Dad turns to look at us and glares.

I lower my voice as I realize that our conversation is disrupting his phone call.


Bandobras said...

I think that if people wish to have uninterrupted cell phone calls they should move to a secluded spot not expect everyone else to be quiet for them

Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, I would have glared back and kept on yakking. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. (I love your labels, by the way.)

Woodsy said...

Bandobras, I agree with you... I also noticed that people seem to answer their phones everywhere and at anytime... I was in a public washroom once, and the lady in the stall next to me answered her phone!

"Hello," she says, "Yeah... Yeah... Me? Oh, I'm on the toilet..." (I am not kidding you!)

Wandering Coyote, Yes, you are right, and next time I will have the right reaction. I will not lower my voice to accommodate rudeness.

Why Zoom, I had not realized that you'd noticed my labels... wink, wink!

Anonymous said...

The redoubtable Misster Kitty recently did a rather graphic post about his experiences with a cell phone user in a public toilet: . It has amusement factor, but it’s kind of crass. Warning! Warning!

Woodsy said...

XUP, thanks for sharing that link... Mister Kitty is fabulously funny!