Friday, June 20, 2008

Tag, You're It!

My trusted friend is on his computer reading blogs.

"Hey, you've been tagged!" he yells up to me.

I'm in his tree-top bedroom watching Trading Spouses.

"I've been what?" I yell down.

"Zoom tagged you!" he bellows.

"She tagged me? What does that mean?" I question hyper loudly feeling unsure whether I should be flattered or scared.

"Come look at her post. It's a meme," he says still yelling, not realizing that I have come down and that I am standing at his side.

I touch him to make my presence known, and the poor bastard screams out in surprise letting out a litany of expletives that would shock even a candidate for president.

I tickle and rub the back of my friend's neck and manage to calm him down, as he explains a meme to me.

"Sure, that sounds like fun!" I reply eagerly .

P.S. Zoom, if any bunny's die, please keep them for me. I am having Coyote over for supper soon.

Springtime Mixed Tape Meme

Instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. It doesn’t matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring/summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Seven Songs
  1. Michel Theriault - Easy Rose
  2. Sally Robinson - Recycle Your Man
  3. Ball and Chain (Jody Benjamin and Micheal Ball) - Lovers Waltz
  4. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Emma Lee
  5. Johnny Cash - Hurt
  6. Florent Volant - TSHISHE MANITU (Guest : Zachary Richard)
  7. Marie Jo Thério - Café Robinson
Tag, you're it!
  1. Bank Street Irrelevants

  2. Elgin Street Muse

  3. Sassy Redhead

  4. Megan Butcher

  5. XUP

  6. Pandora

  7. Ash Colton


coyote said...

Bless you, ma'am. For trying to scam me some bunnies, and, as importantly, for not tagging me...

Anonymous said...

Coyote, I have a feeling you're not gonna come out of this one unscathed. Sooner or later, someone out there is gonna tag you.

Interesting mix there, Woodsy.

The bunnies are in their warren having a tea party and counting their blessings. They've discussed your dinner menu at great length, and suggest you serve the following delicacies: hawks, owls, foxes, coyotes, weasels, skunks, badgers and lynx.

Harmony said...

What???!!!! No Accolin songs? Oh, the shame.......

coyote said...

Zoom, apparently them rotten bunnies will be hiring armed goons to assemble their menu. So much for playing the 'cute' card...

Anonymous said...

Oh the bunnies aren't hosting the dinner, coyote, they're just helping woodsy figure out what to serve YOU.

Anonymous said...

"Shhhhhhhh, be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet; I'm hunting wabbits, heheheheheheh"

Woodsy said...

Sorry Harmony, I couldn't remember their official name... but I am a big fan of their music!

Coyote, Zoom maybe I'll just serve ESI ChickUn®