Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tricksters at the Ottawa Fringe Festival

"Coyote, good morning!", I say pleased to see him twice within 12 hours. He is sitting at a local coffee shop with a group of our mutual friends. I notice that he is licking his chops, but I don't have the courage to ask, "So, what have you been nibbling?"

"Well, hello Woodsy," he responds smiling and looking as mischievous as always. "Last time I saw you was last night and we were in a room with a naked guy!" he says for all to hear, and then he howls with laughter, "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!".

The lovely Audrey is there, and she responds nervously, "Oh, I don't want to know about this!"

Little hottie, Harmony, agrees with her and tells us firmly, "We don't need to know about this!"

"You will be reading about it soon enough Audrey and Harmony," I say with a conspiratorial wink for Coyote.

It all started when Coyote escorted me to the Fringe Festival Friday night, and we decided to go see Old Growth.

Before the play I had the opportunity to speak briefly with the lead actor, award-winning playwright/composer, Alex Eddington.

"Come see our play, Old Growth," calls out Alex, who is standing outside Academic Hall, inviting the passing crowd with a charming smile." Since I rarely miss an opportunity to speak with a cute lad, I responded to his invitation.

"I am planning to see the play," I tell him. "I traveled to Haida Gwaii years ago and saw the Golden Spruce before it was cut down."

"You were there? You saw it? You are so fortunate. I have not been to Haida Gwaii, but I read the book, The Golden Spruce, and it inspired me to write this play about it. I hope to get there someday," he responds genuinely impressed that I have seen this ancient sacred tree that was felled in 1997.

This is definitely not a feel good play, and if you are not offended by nudity, violence, and honest, intelligent narrative, I highly recommend that you go see Old Growth.

Alex if you read this, thank you for also taking time after the play to chat with Woodsy - apologies for not revealing my true nature!

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Harmony said...

Nudity in a play is perfectly acceptable, Ms Woodsy. Ooohhhh...that Coyote! What a tease!