Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out at the Fringe Festival

I met a constellation of my favourite bloggers on Saturday night at a wine and cheese hosted by the Fringe Festival.

Zoom, looking foxy as always, stood up to greet me when I arrived, and as she hugged me she whispered, "How should I introduce you?"

I laughed and responded with, "Tonight Woodsy is coming out..."

As the evening progressed, I was honoured to get to know
  • Logan's person, Skylark (lovely engaging gentleman),
  • Aggie's crush, Milan (fascinatingly brilliant cute lad),
  • Woodsy's crush of the evening, David Scrimshaw (dangerously charming genius, but who unfortunately, for me, was accompanied by his girlfriend), and
  • Mother Earth's kindred spirit, Mudmama (wonderfully intelligent hip chick) who'd brought along her little wee kissy-hand Sprout (who smells like peaches!).
Thank you to Brad for organizing this event, and now I'm back in the virtual closet!


skylark said...

Thank you, but of course the pleasure was mine!

Milan said...

It was a pleasure to meet you.

XUP said...

Aw, I wanted to come and meet you all, too, but I had to go out of town. Stupid out of town.

Woodsy said...

Stupid out of town! Well, XUP, there will be other occasions...