Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sweet as Love

"I can see the Pyramids from my family home," she tells me.

I met a Cleopatra on Sunday. She was wearing a silk head scarf and an ivory full length, long sleeved dress, her face was powdered with a light white foundation, and her eyes were dramatically highlighted with black eye-liner. I was intrigued.

It was raining lightly, so her garage sale was quiet. I was thrilled to find three little glass cups rimmed and designed with gold. She was only charging a nickel for each cup.

"Are these for serving tea?" I ask.

"You can serve either tea or coffee in them," she explains.

La Socière, who was with me interjects, "I was served Lebanese coffee in a similar glass cup years ago. The gentleman who offered me the coffee was shocked that I would not add sugar."

"Oh, you do not have to add sugar if you don't want to," the seller reassures us.

"No," insists La Sorcière, "he told me that coffee should always be served black as night, hot as Hell, and sweet as love."


Anonymous said...

"black as night, hot as Hell, and sweet as love" probably sounds better than it tastes. (We're still talking about coffee, right?)

Woodsy said...

Zoom, I suspect the fellow was hitting on La Socière... so who knows for certain if he was referring to the coffee...